Popular U.S. Trucks Of All Time

Popular U.S. Trucks Of All Time

Owning a pickup truck something that every family should try and do. Many of the benefits come in handy in many situations. From being able to haul heavy equipment, to simply helping a friend move furniture, the possibilities are endless. That’s why we should take a look at some of the best pickup trucks of all time. Keep in mind the order of this list is debatable as these trucks are all clear winners:

1. Ram 1500

When this truck came rolling along, you know you were getting some true power. The bed of the truck was huge and the truck was 7 feet high. The toting power is up to 2,000 pounds, more than most high powered pickups can do now. The most surprising thing about this truck, is how smooth the ride is for its size and powerful capabilities.

2. Chevrolet Silverado 1500

This vehicle came with a couple of different options in regards to the size and power of the engine. Consumers have the option of 6.8 liter V-10 engine, or a 7.3 liter turbo diesel. As these vehicles grew in popularity, Ford decided to manufacture some versions with cabin chassis, allowing them to dominate that market today.

3. Sierra

This Vehicle was a looker in its day. When you thought of pickup trucks, you typically thought of rugged looking vehicles with only power in mind. This truck introduced the world to both power and looks. With 31 inch tires, two engine options, V-4 and V-6, this truck allowed consumers to have both the benefit of having a pick up, as well as the aesthetic you would get with a car.

4. Ford F-150

When thinking of a Ford vehicle, the majority of people will think of a truck first. This is something that was established a very long time ago with the F-100. With this pickup, they added a v-8 engine, which was able to provide a considerable amount of horsepower for the age.

5. Ford SVT Raptor

The last truck on our list is probably the sportiest vehicle of them all. With the look of this truck you would think that it has the power that it does. This vehicle runs great of all terrains, and maintains the power not matter the surface. With a V-8 engine, the horse power under this hood is a whopping 411.

Pickup trucks are a tradition in some places and have many benefits (i.e., ruggedness, towing capacity, hauling, etc.). If you have ever needed a truck and didn’t have one, than you can appreciate how useful they really are.

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