5 Bras Every Modern Woman Needs

5 Bras Every Modern Woman Needs

Most women will wholeheartedly agree. The wrong bra could make or break a wardrobe, as well as a workout or workday. However, a flattering fitted bra can make you look perkier, thinner, and younger.

Many women have one bra that they use for every occasion, yet, choose a strapless dress and all of sudden we’re faced with going braless or shopping for a new bra. Here are five bras for every single occasion:

1. Sports bra
You might be surprised that we are starting off with a sports bra. But trust us, there is nothing comfortable as a sports bra when you start a day with a workout. It also sets the mood for the entire day because when the wardrobe is right from the moment you wake up, the tendency is that it tends to be perfect all day. When we say sports bra, it need not be those dull ones. It can be bright colored and well-shaped ones too. These bras are not only comfortable but also helps you to have an enjoyable experience as you workout. Ensure to choose the right size and fit because only a right one can stand up to any kind of exercise you do. After all, what you are trying to avoid is excessive bounce and of course a material that takes away sweat and allows you to stay fresh.

2. Bralette
These look pretty much like a sports bra but they are not as intense as one in terms of holding you up. If you plan on wearing something loose like a tank top or even an oversized coat or sweater, this kind of bra would elevate your curves and also makes one look elegant.

3. Strapless bra
If you are planning to wear an off-shoulder dress or a scrappy sleeved dress, the strapless bras could come in handy. They can also pretty much handle different kinds of neckline, no matter the occasion. There is also the concept of backless bra, where you can flaunt your bare back, yet feel safe with the type of bra. How does it work? The back strap is made transparent so that it doesn’t stand out unnecessarily.

4. T-Shirt bra
Clearly, this bra is not limited to tees alone. It is indeed an understatement to say that t-shirt bras are every girl’s best friend. Since it is seamless, there is no need to worry about the bra lines that might show off under your tops. These bras perfectly hug one’s form and are perfect for any body shape.

5. Bandeau bras

Often worn on top of bikinis or long tops, they are not necessarily worn as underwear but shown as under clothes for a layered effect. These are nothing but a thin strip of fabric, which is essentially wrapped around the breasts. They look like an evolute of a strapless bra and a tube top.

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