5 popular types of fall and winter boots to choose from

5 popular types of fall and winter boots to choose from

The bitter experience with winter in the past few years calls for some introspection. You can’t fight it; you just need to protect yourself from it. Wholesome protection from the chilled breeze, snow, rain, and ice is the need of the hour. Apart from specialized winter garments you also need winter boots. However, any winter boots will not do since you need a balance of protection, aesthetics, and durability. You need boots that you can wear with élan at the office and on weekends. It should also offer protection from winter elements. You have to select the best fall and winter boots to get the best combination of aesthetics, durability, and protection and keep your feet warm during these seasons.

Brogue Boots
Those brogue holes add a classy and macho style to the boots, although they are there only for decorative purpose. A classic combination of manly aesthetics, protection and durability this can be one of your best bet for this fall and winter. With contrast lining, lace up style and hefty soles, this can keep you safe from the harsh elements of winter with ease while imparting a machismo to your pace.

Snowburban Ultradry Boots
Men will fall in love with it from the very first look. It has got a clean design, manly contours, sturdy built, plenty of insulation, and all that is required from a pair of one of the best fall and winter boots. However, what sets it apart from some of the best fall and winter boots is its nimble design. You get protection, ease of wearing, and aesthetics, all in one pair of boots.

Jodhpur Boots
Originally built for the maharajas of India to be worn during horse riding, these classic style boots can save your day if you need a pair of formal boots at the office. It combines the style of formal boots with the protection level of winter boots. These Jodhpur boots can be the best fall and winter boots for you.

Hadley Leather Boots
The collection of the best fall and winter boots for women does showcase some elegant ankle boots. You do need ankle boots to stay safe. With Hadley Leather Boots, you combine protection, poise, appeal, and versatility in a pair of boots. These boots can offer you protection as well as grant you freedom of movement. You can wear it with just with any garment. These boots will add to your elegance.

Classic Ankle Boots
These are the pairs that never go out of fashion. Apart from the class, elegance, and look, they do offer a good degree of protection from elements of winter. Thick leather cover provides all round protection, while the slim slits at the tulip-shaped topline and the elegant high heels offer a kind of poise to the boots.

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