Designers Who’ve Revolutionized the Fashion Industry

Designers Who’ve Revolutionized the Fashion Industry

When you think of fashion, the four words that immediately pop up in the mind are New York, London, Paris, and Milan. But have you thought about who invented the denim that is a definite part of people’s everyday wardrobe all over the world? Or, when you gift neckties or slip your feet comfortably into loafers, do you spare a moment to think about where these were first designed?

There are interesting stories behind almost every fashion item and brand. While New York is known for a sporty, casual look and London for unconventional collections, Paris is known for Haute Couture, high street fashion and Milan for stylish, outrageous designs. Fashion designers like Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, and Donatella Versace are each famous for revolutionizing the fashion industry in their own individual ways. Let’s learn more about the world’s revolutional fashion designers:

1. Calvin Klein
Born in the Bronx and graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, Calvin Klein started this iconic brand when he was just 26 years old. “I’ve never been one to see women in ruffles and all kinds of fanciful apparel. To me it’s just silly,” quoted Calvin Klein once. This is the reason why he is recognized for the minimalist, streamlined, casual-chic look of his collections that banks on precise cuts, superb tailoring and magnificent fabric choices instead of being ostentatious and gaudy. It was pure understated elegance. And, “The Calvin Klein Look” refers to immaculately cut informal leisure wear that is truly affordable. Relaxed masculinity and muted sensibilities are his forte. His seductive advertisement campaigns are another element that revolutionized the fashion industry in the early 1980s.

2. Giorgio Armani
Armani is a living legend has refashioned fashion! His belief, “Elegance is about not being noticed, it’s about being remembered,” says it all. Giorgio Armani’s strength is the simplicity and restraint in his creations. He altered fashion to mean business chic, refined elegance and minimalistic. His timeless style in fashion is an effortless look of confidence achieved with pleasant, softened silhouettes and neutral fabrics. Revolutionizing the fashion industry in more ways than one, Giorgio Armani made his garments line freer and looser, very different from the tight and uncomfortable apparel that was in vogue then and was one of the first designers to ban models with a body mass index under 18.

3. Donatella Versace
Donatella has managed successfully to make her own mark by revolutionizing the fashion industry. This much loved petite designer has a realistic feel about women as multitaskers with a career and family who use fashion for self-confidence, rather than as a provocation. She feels women are incredibly strong and fearless and it is their attitude that makes all the difference to the kind of lives they lead. Donatella thinks of fashion as a celebration of life and enjoys the uniqueness of every moment. She enjoys sharing her creativity, passion, and energy with young, freshly graduated designers.

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