Stylish Yet Practical Boots for Fall and Winter

Stylish Yet Practical Boots for Fall and Winter

Boots have undergone many variations through the centuries. Mainly meant for providing greater protection and warmth than sandals and shoes, boots need to be both a stylish and practical accessory for fall and winter.

A woman should be able to bring her favorite pair of boots out of hibernation come autumn, and pair them with her favorite casual, rugged, and work clothes. Boots are designed as a wardrobe staple that’s both functional and fashionable. You can find a perfect pair of boots, designed in your preferred shaft lengths in the following boot styles:

● Block heel boots
● Booties
● Combat boots
● Dress boots
● Hiking over the knee boots
● Lace-up
● Motorcycle
● Peep toe
● Rain/Waterproof
● Riding
● Sock Boot
● Western/Cowboy boots
● Winter boots

Booties, rubber boots or over the knee boots, whichever model you choose, pick a pair that cover your feet and provides protection against water, cold, snow and slush by considering these factors:

1. Waterproof vs. water resistant
While boots in rubber, nubuck, and vinyl may be completely waterproof; those made from suede, leather, canvas, polyester, nylon, and synthetics PU leather may be water resistant, which means although they repel water, they may still absorb some.

2. Creature comfort
Look for comfort features like arch support or cushioned insoles and are even orthotic friendly footwear that will hold up in winter conditions.

3. Choose sensibly
It is common knowledge that boots are one of the most sensible accessories to wear in winter. So the next time temperatures take a nosedive, pull on a stylish pair of flat, over the knee boots to pair with your skinny jeans, long skirts, or maxi dresses. Go about your day in comfort and warmth and put away your heels until spring.

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