The Top 7 Bras Every Woman Needs

The Top 7 Bras Every Woman Needs

I can’t even count how many times I’ve put a dress back in my closet because I didn’t have the right bra to wear with it. After all, who wants to wear a sexy backless dress with a bra strap showing? Or, gasp, what’s worse than a strapless dress when you only own bras with straps?

Like seasonal clothing, ladies need more than one style of bra to flatter different outfits, not to mention multiple bras that flatter your specific body type. Luckily, there are several bra styles to choose from. From bralettes to strapless bras and stick on bras, let’s browse the most popular bra styles to suit any outfit or occasion:

1. Bralette

I love the bralette. While it doesn’t fully support every breast size, those with need for less support will love the minimization of the bralette. It contains no pads, cups, or wires, and can be described by many as the “house bra” as it’s ideal for movie nights and comfortable nights in. I wear this comfortable, slip on style with tank tops and summer dresses.

2. Strapless bra

The strapless bra can be a godsend for some and a nightmare for others, depending on your body shape. We’ve all fiddled with a strapless bra all day (yes, I mean, yanking it upwards from your waistline). This strapless design is meant to be worn with tank tops and strapless dresses or shirts. While it can provide a modest lift without a strap in sight for some women, the adhesive , underwire support often digs into the lower breast, which can be quite uncomfortable.

3. Sports bra

As the name suggests a sports bra is most worn at the gym and during physical activities to minimize friction, movement, and impact while working out. However, many women choose this supportive, elastic design for everyday wear as it straps the girls in place with lots of support.

4. T-shirt bra

Also known as the demi bra, this design offers seamless coverage for wearing under thinner tanks and t-shirts. With zero seams, underwires, or excess fabric (i.e., lace or bling elements) in sight, the t-shirt bra is super comfortable and streamlined for ladies of all shapes and sizes.

5. Push up bra

Beckoning to the days of pin up girls, the push up bra does just what the name implies—it lifts and boosts the breasts upward to create symmetry and excess cleavage for small breasted women. Push up bras do this lift effect thanks to underwire and removable padding.

6. Adhesive bra

Yes, they are called “pasties” by many due to the fact that adhesive bras literally stick to the chest to provide invisible support for women wearing the most strapless, backless, v-neck plunging fashions. Adhesive bras are fashioned from silicone with a medical grade adhesive to stick it and lift it!

7. Bandeau bra

Similar to the bralette without the straps, the bandeau bra is simply a fabric strip that wraps around the chest. Perfect for wearing with tank tops and strapless dresses, the bandeau offers very minor support. And if you have larger breasts you may find you’re yanking it up all day long.

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