Top 5 men’s sneakers you should know

Top 5 men’s sneakers you should know

The shoe is the first thing that people subconsciously notice about you. Men’s shoe variety is plenty, and the trend keeps changing with time. The preferences keep changing according to the trend and other factors such as price, season and comfort level, etc. Different kinds of sneakers for different people and various purposes are available, such as:

Bulky kicks are big, fat sneakers that are used by dancers and trainers, Luxe Runners are sneakers that are specially used for running by athletes, Military Stompers are more chunky looking long sneakers that were majorly used in the 19th century as a fashion trademark and young men prefer it now as an antique sneaker. Men’s sneaker, therefore, differs in many categories. Listed below are some of the best and stylish men’s sneakers.

Nike Free 5.0
Nike is one of the most known companies in shoe category and the sneakers manufactured by it are rated as one of the best and stylish men’s sneakers. The sneaker is light but looks great and have a heel to toe drop and full-length midsole that adds to the cushioning. The fitting is as seamless as socks and is available for a variety range of sizes.

Jimmy Choo
The trademark stylish blue sneakers by Jimmy Choo are irresistible to pick up by most men. The sneaker from top end looks like a fashionable two-toned sneakers that got denim like material with a shiny look on the toe end. No doubt the sneaker is priced on the higher end, but it’s durable and worth it.

Brooks Glycerin
Sneakers by Brooks have topped the category in running stores across the globe. The midsole has extra plush that makes you feel comfortable like a soft sock that is much better than the hard-flat traditional sneakers feel from inside. The sneaker has a stylish look with one plain color and a tinge of silver. It is best suited for men with shoe size 9.

Puma Glory Sneaker
Puma is one of the most reputed shoe-based company, and the range provides the best stylish men’s sneakers. They are lightweight, having a variety of colors and designs and the mix of different textures adds to its style factor. They are available in a variety of sizes.

Adidas Originals
Adidas is regarded as one of the oldest company that manufactures shoes. The sneakers are classic sportswear and come in white with red and blue stripes. This look adds to the style quotient and men can pair it with anything in their wardrobe. The classic sneakers are available in different sizes and most preferred for a stylish, sporty look.

These best, stylish men’s sneakers are available in different brands, patterns, and sizes and can be picked according to your preferences.

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