Up your fashion quotient by following some of Chris Pine’s style tips

Up your fashion quotient by following some of Chris Pine’s style tips

Chris Pine, the face of Armani Code fragrance line, has set a new dimension to men’s grooming and fashion. Like his love for assorted fragrance, his style statement is also diverse in nature and look. His experiments with his beard seem to have spilled over into his wardrobe. During this summer, he tried on three amazing and fit-for-summer outfits in one day that you could choose to wear during the whole season. This is how amazing is Chris Pine’s style and sense of fashion.

New generation fashion idol
Chris Pine can be considered as one of the most amazing master of menswear. Nevertheless, it is in the field of suits that he seems to specialized in. Although his preferred choice is the double-breasted suit, he carries all the suit styles with élan. Not only women, but even men are in awe of this man’s elegance. His persona and dignity do not seem to fade a bit when he hops from a chic style to an elegant formal dressing style. In fact, Chris Pine’s style is the new craze among men. There are men who find it difficult to find a suit that will reflect his personality in a situation or occasion. In fact, most men are not able to carry more than one suit style well. Chris Pine has brought about a new found confidence among them. However, a close look at his fashion selection reveals his secret. He gives full attention to the place and event he is due to attend. He has grown almost a magical sartorial sense. He selects his style according to the venue and people he is going to meet or the occasion he has been called for.

Your suit should match your personality
Whether it is the marriage of your dearest friend, brother, or sister, do ensure to follow some Chris Pine style tips before getting an outfit ready for the occasion. You can consider getting different suits for different occasions. Don the brown double-breasted suit along with loafers with a contrasting shirt during the reception. Never wear the denim one during weddings; you may look like the odd man out. However, remember one thing, evening wears are for evening only. A tie is a must with your suit, but wear one that comes with spots and contrasts well with the shirt underneath. Also, you can go for a patterned or a plain blazer with a shirt and no tie. Also, keep the top button open and keep a colored pocket square. With a few of these tips from Chris Pine’s style, you can up your style quotient instantly.

Your beard can complement your sartorial sense
Yes, Chris Pine is known for the flip-flops with his beard style. If you want to follow Chris Pine’s style do try to keep a beard, but not a stubble. There are many products that can help you keep your beard healthy and clean. Match your beard style with a perfect Chris Pine’s style dress and you will be good to go.

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