5 easy ways to get cheaper  car insurance

5 easy ways to get cheaper car insurance

Apart from having a clean driving record without any violations or accidents, there are a few other ways you can reduce the cost of your car insurance premium. Read on to find out 5 tips and ways to get cheaper car insurance and save hundreds of hard-earned dollars.


Cheaper car insurance premium does not necessarily mean the coverage is limited, or the insurance company is in the doldrums. Do not blindly accept the quote offered by the existing car insurance provider because it is familiar and popular. Compare the assortment of insurance policies offered by one company and the intensely competitive car insurance policies of different small and big insurance companies too. You can choose to get multiple quotes online, or call the insurance companies and request a quote, or seek information from independent insurance agents who deal with multiple insurance carriers. Additionally, ask experienced friends and family to guide you in choosing a good and cheap car insurance policy.

Compare features

Another way to get cheaper car insurance is to compare the features of various car insurance companies and their policies. While the cost of car insurance is a key criterion, do not choose insurance simply because it is inexpensive. The decision to protect your car against damages with insurance is a sensible one but ensure that the coverage you get for the price you pay as premium is worth it. In addition, the quality of service of the insurer is important because the agent or company you choose must be patient and open to answering all your doubts and give you correct details about what the insurance covers, its cost, processing fee, and late payment fees, if any. Sometimes local car insurance companies offer cheaper car insurance when compared with more popular national carriers, so pay attention to them as well.

Obtain the value of the car

At the time of investing in a new car insurance policy or renewing the existing one, the premium you have to pay would obviously depend on the model of car you own, its age and driving condition, the number of safety features it is equipped with airbags, a tracking device, and/or theft alarm, the frequency and quality of the vehicle’s usage, how many miles it cloaks per year, and its current net worth.

No-claim bonus

You will benefit quite a lot at the time of renewing your car insurance if you have not claimed any insurance coverage at all. The discounts applicable to insurance premiums increase over the years if you do not claim the insurance. Even in the event of minor accidents or repairs, by not claiming insurance and paying out of your own pocket, you would stand to gain substantially with a lower premium.

Inquire about discounts you could qualify for

Combine multiple insurance policies that you own like auto and homeowner’s insurance, or multiple car insurance policies of people you know with the same insurance carrier. Instead of paying in installments, make the full insurance premium as one payment and do it on time to avoid late payment fees. If you are a student driver with good grades, insurers offer discounts. This is another way to get cheap car insurance.

Insurance companies offer discounts by encouraging you to go paperless and opting to receive all your papers online.

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