Top Money Management Apps

Top Money Management Apps

Do you spend most of your free time wondering how you can save money and avoid maxing out your credit cards? If this seems like an impossible task, what you need is simply a great money saving application. Fortunately, there are several apps that can help you control your budget. However, how would you know which ones are worth it?
The following list features the best money saving apps:

1. Mint
Mint, from Intuit Inc., is one of the most popular money management apps. Through Mint, you can connect all your bank and credit card accounts and successfully track your expenses. This saves you the hassle of signing in on multiple websites and remembering a dozen passwords. Moreover, the app sends you payment reminders and also lets you know how much is due where so you never get late on any of your bills. You also get information on any hidden fees being charged to you. The biggest bonus with this app is that it provides you a free copy of your credit score.

2. Goodbudget
This Android application is a must-have among money saving apps if you are nit-picky about managing expenses down to the last detail. Goodbudget allows you to plan and budget expenses with family and friends the hassle-free way. You can set aside money in various categories, such as rent, groceries, or movie night, and use each virtual envelop for its unique purpose as opposed to spending from a common wallet. This is great way to budget your finances and know where your money is going. The main features of this app are free. Some of the advanced features come at a monthly charge of USD 6 or an annual fee of USD 50.

3. BillGuard
BillGuard helps you control your expenses and protect your money. We live in a time which sees so much of data and finance fraud. BillGuard works by alerting you to possible scams on your card, hidden fees being charged to your accounts, and any billing errors that you may not have noticed. It even highlights certain repeat charges that you get billed for every month which you may not have authorised or simply forgotten about. This free app also alerts you to sudden changes in your spending pattern. It could either mean you need to revise your budget or that your card information is possibly being misused somewhere.

4. The Birdy
The Birdy is a web application that helps you record your spending details via email. Every day the app will ask you what you bought that day and you simply need to reply with the amount and your purchase details. These help you record your purchases and monitor your expense pattern. The Birdy is a great option if you want a money management app that does not force you to link any of your bank or credit card accounts. Moreover, it is simple to use and free of cost.

5. Expensify
One of the most popular tools globally for expense management, Expensify allows you to upload or scan receipts thereby keeping a track of your expenses. The app uses the information from the receipt, such as amount spent and merchant name, to put together an expense sheet. Moreover, you can also convert online purchases into receipts that can be submitted to your employer for reimbursement. Expensify also works seamlessly with other software, including Quick Books, Xero Zenefits, and NetSuite, among others. The app is free for personal use and a paid version for corporate and business use is also available.

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