7 Effective Tips to Quit Smoking

7 Effective Tips to Quit Smoking

Deciding to quit smoking is an excellent move since you can prevent numerous chronic health conditions that lead to death by butting out. Research indicates that one in two smokers dies from smoking-related diseases. Also, smoking causes many preventable diseases. In fact, lighting up can affect everything from fertility to bone strength to lung and heart health. Considering all the damage that taking up this habit can contribute to, it is well worth quitting. 

Making a move to stop smoking is half the battle, but here are seven practical tips that will help you quit smoking more easily:

1. Stay busy

The scientific review has proven that exercise such as stretching or taking a few minute walks will help quit smoking by cutting cravings and may as well help your brain produce anti-craving chemicals. Also, getting busy with an activity helps reduce the intensity and cravings for tobacco. Running up and downstairs, a jog, or just a walk is good enough. If you don’t have interests in physical activities, you can try some needlework, journaling, or a workbook to keep you distracted.

2. Join a smoking cessation program

The model works through the commitment and interest individuals have to successfully perform a behavior that is meant to promote individual health. However, the affected individual needs to make decisions about their health and play an active role. Therefore, the smoking cessation program works by enhancing the individual’s participation in making sound decisions relating to their health, such as changing the individual smoking behavior.

3. Nicotine patches or gum

Nicotine patch increases your chances of successfully quitting smoking. Get your mouth busy by giving it something to chew to reduce tobacco craving. Chewing nicotine gum provides a steady but controlled nicotine dosage throughout the day, reducing the impact of nicotine withdrawal. Eventually, you can wean yourself off of nicotine gradually.

4. Hydrate more

Studies on alcohol, coffee, cola, tea, and fizzy drinks show they make cigarettes have a better taste. Therefore, it is advisable to drink more water and juice instead. The other drinks are known to lead to smoking as you gradually switch from one drink to another, and you eventually crave cigarettes.

5. Drink less alcohol

Quitting alcohol and tobacco use at the same time is likely to make you stay sober for a long-term. Statistics indicate that over 80 percent of people addicted to alcohol also smoke. Research shows that individuals trying to quit smoking always slip back when they drink alcohol. Therefore, quitting alcohol would help you quit smoking.

6. Avoid temptation

If you attend a party, you are likely to smoke with your colleagues. If you look at them, you are likely to envy them and be tempted to smoke yourself. So it may take some time before you can be around other smokers or campfires or even parties. 

7. Don’t give up

From research, one of the most important things about quitting smoking is the will to keep trying. It calls for serious dedication before you can quit smoking forever. However, instead of looking at the slip back as a failure, consider it to be a moment to learn from the experience in preparation to quit next time.

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