Do I Need Medical Insurance to go on a Cruise?

Do I Need Medical Insurance to go on a Cruise?

If you’ve booked a cruise, chances are you’re already packed, and eagerly waiting to start your vacation. Cruising to different ports of call in exotic cities is a one in a lifetime experience.

Cruises are gaining popularity among every traveler, regardless of age or lifestyle. As cruise culture becomes a very popular vacation option, health insurance (or vacation medical insurance) is often a question raised by travelers. Do you need specific medical insurance when taking a cruise?

The short answer is yes, as many aspects of a cruise aren’t covered by general health insurance policies. As the name states, this medical insurance covers all, or most of the risks that generally come into play on a cruise. While medical insurance isn’t necessary to cruise, it may come in handy in the following instances:

1. Visiting unfamiliar territory
There are innumerable recreational activities waiting to be explored on a cruise. Each port presents new challenges and fun activities, some of which may be risky. Anything from hiking, to rock climbing, and even parasailing. An unfamiliar territory always poses more challenges than a familiar one.

2. Cruises invite illnesses
As you’re probably aware, gastrointestinal diseases are at an all-time high on cruise ships. There are various reasons for this. According to the CDC, if such an outbreak happens, your health insurance may not cover you. Medical insurance cruises will help you cover your costs for on-shore hospital expenses.

3. International protection
Some health insurances often don’t cover you in international waters, and this is a huge problem. Of course, you may find that you can add this coverage to your existing health insurance policy, but check the fine print as there will be limitations. These hassles can be avoided with a medical insurance specifically for cruises.

Knowing how to pick the right kind of medical insurance before you set sail is equally important. We have you covered. Here are a few things to look out for when shopping for the right kind of medical insurance for a cruise:

● Your cruise medical insurance should cover on-shore treatment whenever the ship’s medical facilities are not able to meet your health needs, or not. On shore medical attention can be expensive, so make sure your coverage is at least 100,00 USD, to begin with.
● Any ambulance charges, either through air-lifting or water vehicles, along with eligible procedures needed if and when you sustain a covered injury, should all be covered by your medical insurance.
● Finally, all expenses you incur on board for treatment of either a covered injury or a pre-existing condition, should also be covered by your health insurance.

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