Foods that Help Erectile Dysfunction

Foods that Help Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can affect all age groups and is quite common, but most often it occurs during the later years of life, especially during times of stress. ED is defined as the inability to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse and is sometimes referred to as impotence. One of the main symptoms of ED is frequently losing your erection during times of sexual performance. 

Some people even experience shortness of breath and pressure in the heart area. Thankfully, this impotence can be treated with simple changes in diet. Here are five foods that can help with erectile dysfunction:

1. Avocados for ED
It’s no secret that avocados have several health benefits. They’re high in nutrients, but particularly they are high in fiber, which helps clean out bad cholesterol from the body. This aids in better blood circulation, which can help promote blood flow to the erection, maintaining it for a longer length of time.

2. Spinach for testosterone
A diet of added spinach raises the body’s natural levels of testosterone, the hormone responsible for sexual drive. Higher testosterone levels lead to more frequent, stronger, and longer erections. High testosterone levels also aid in a healthy blood circulation, which can support maintaining erections during performance.

3. Chili peppers for blood circulation
Spices have always helped get the blood pumping. Many cultures add hot peppers or hot sauce to their breakfast meals to help wake their body up. Not only do chili peppers give the body natural energy, but they also aid in quicker metabolism, which speeds up blood circulation throughout the body. A quick spoonful of hot sauce can help wake up the erection in a pinch.

4. Curry for support
Not only is curry delicious, but it’s also packed with various nutrients that can support healthy heart pumping alongside a quicker metabolism. Many East Asian countries eat curry for breakfast. Curry works in the same manner as the hot chili peppers in which they naturally wake up the body by getting the blood flowing. A good blood circulation supports maintaining an erection naturally.

5. Sprinkle of salt 
Doctors warn against too much sodium intake, but a little salt can help clean out the body and promote healthy blood flow. A pinch of salt can slightly raise blood pressure temporarily to help maintain an erection for a few minutes longer than average. Before performing sexual intercourse, consider a sprinkle of salt on an area of your meal.

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