Fresh Makeup Hacks for Aging Skin

Fresh Makeup Hacks for Aging Skin

As skin matures, the natural oil on the skin tends to diminish, which could leave you with a dry face wrought with fine lines (crow’s feet) and wrinkles. While it is certainly difficult to take years off your face, the following tips can help you rejuvenate your skin and facial routine.

Here are some brilliant do it yourself tips to help add new life to tired, aging skin:

1. Have fun
If you look at this as some kinda ‘strict regime’, you are not going to enjoy the process. After all, you are caring for your body that has served you well all these years.

2. Start with a clean slate
Always start with a cleanser. It doesn’t matter even if you hardly get out of the house. Skin care starts with cleansing and it is recommended that you start with a cream cleanser. Of course, there are other types of cleansers but considering your skin would be dry, it is best to go with a cream base.

3. Add much needed moisture
Exfoliating ensures that the dead cells are removed and ensures to bring those rosy cheeks back. Moisturizing on a regular basis ensures that your skin appears renewed. Follow the circular motion when you apply the cream/ lotion on your face.

4. Oils are not always bad
Get used to oils as your skin’s friend. There are several facial oils that are available in the market. Learn to get used to them. All you have to use is apply about 5 drops of oil on the palm of your hands and gently dab them on your cleansed skin. It is better if this procedure is done before you moisturize. This is also the age where you should take sun protection seriously. Remember your skin does not have the potency to fight harsh environment anymore. Give it some support.

Now that we have explained how to care for your skin, the following makeup hacks work the best for aging skin:

1. Provide a good foundation
The right foundation works the best and sometimes better than an anti-aging cream. To take it a step further, the right lip color will also complement a perfectly done foundation. We are quite sure that this will take away a minimum of 8 years of your age. If you are fair, stick to the mauve shades and for deeper skin tones, go for the bolder ones.

2. Shimmer, shimmer
Shimmers electrify eyes. An aging skin tends to have wrinkles or marks around the eyes. Use a neutral colored shimmery shadow to make this work. Ensure to go for one shade lighter than your skin tone so that it doesn’t look over the top.

3. Don’t be afraid to blush.
Ensure only to use a cream based blush. Powder blushes, for example, sit on the surface of the skin and can make the lines on your skin all the more dramatic. A cream-based blush, on the other hand, sinks into the skin, giving an elegant look.

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