What to Expect at a Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

What to Expect at a Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Serene surroundings, like-minded people, individual therapy sessions, group and family therapy, and basically a whole lot of varied healing centric approaches to help people get rid of the addiction, become sober and prevent relapse. These are what you can expect at a drug and alcohol rehab center.


Rehabilitation is defined as restoring something that is damaged to its former good condition. A drug and alcohol rehab center focuses on treatment of people, both medically and psycho-therapeutically, on reducing their addiction to alcohol and drugs. Addiction is a chronic disease harmful in more ways than one, affecting a person physically, mentally, financially and socially, and requires attention and care. This is why rehabilitation programs can either be inpatient or outpatient based. In outpatient programs, you can stay in your own home and attend the periodic therapy and counseling sessions at rehabilitation centers. An inpatient program can either be short-term or long-term lasting anywhere between 14 days to 6 months. This includes the 12-step process for addiction recovery. The advantage here is that inpatient programs help patients focus better on their de-addiction and become sober in a serene environment away from the influences causing their addiction. Inpatient programs enable recovery to be efficient, faster and long-lasting.


Rehabilitation is not meant to treat a person superficially for addiction issues, but to resolve the fundamental causes of the disease. So, providing detoxification, therapeutic intervention, life-skills development, and relapse prevention are tens of thousands of drug rehab centers all over the country but the best ones, the ones that offer ideal programs suited for you, have to be chosen with care. The best inpatient drug rehab centers have programs that cater exclusively to women, men, adolescents, and seniors, while some accommodate the LGBT community too. There are pet-friendly centers with detox services, behavioral disorder treatments, dual diagnosis treatment, life skills training, partial or full hospitalization, and so on. Some of the best drug rehabilitation centers in the United States are:

  • The Arizona Addiction Recovery Center,
  • Calvary Healing Center,
  • Elba House Co.,
  • Vogue Recovery Center,
  • Terros Health,
  • Stonewall Institute Drug and Alcohol Rehab, and
  • The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center


Equipped to treat drug abuse problems, dependency or addiction to prescription and street drugs, the best inpatient drug rehab centers target the holistic wellbeing of patients in a therapeutic atmosphere. Comprehensive medical and psychological evaluations are done to design personalized treatment approaches for every individual. Drug rehabilitation centers tend to offer the following:


  • Medical detox that helps patients go through withdrawal symptoms under the watchful care of doctors 24/7.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as part of psychotherapy in individual, group and family sessions.
  • Education about addiction, the nature of drug/alcohol use and its effects on the brain,
  • Vocational and financial support.
  • Compassionate and professional help by skillful staff and trained clinicians to help patients heal the mind, body and spirit and ensuring full recovery by overcoming addictions and avoiding relapses.
  • Drug and alcohol rehab centers thus help reclaim the lives of people who are willing to change and offer continued support in their rehabilitation.


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