Yoga to Shrink Nasal Polyps

Yoga to Shrink Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps are painless growths that can appear in the lining of the nasal passages. They are usually non cancerous, but polyps can cause inflammation, infection, immune disorders and allergies if they are not taken care of when they are found. Common nasal polyps symptoms include runny nose, lack of smell or taste, post nasal drip, headache, chronic rhinosinusitis, face or teeth pain, snoring, and even spontaneous nose bleeds. 

Sometimes nasal polyps can be reduced by taking prescription medications. However, if nasal polyps get large enough and cause enough problems, sometimes surgery is necessary in order to remove them. Benefits of practicing yoga for sinus relief in order to lessen nasal polyps symptoms can be a great option in collaboration with doctor-prescribed modern medications, and may include:

1. Yogic breathing exercises
There are breathing exercises for yoga that you can do in order to promote clear sinuses and reduce the size of nasal polyps. Any forward bend type pose helps to encourage your lymph nodes to do what they are supposed to, which is naturally eliminate mucus from the body.

2. Bhramari Pranayama 
Also known as child’s pose is said to help balance your chakras. It helps to refocus your breathing as well as enhance the healing benefits of each breath. This pose is done in order to help enhance breathing by freeing the mind of agitation, frustration, anxiety and anger. 

3. Plow pose 
This pose helps with therapeutic troubles such as post nasal drip, coughs, colds, nasal polyps, chronic rhinosinusitis and other medical issues. The reason this helps sinus relief is because it can help to reduce stress and to calm your entire body while also placing the head below the heart, which encourages congestion relief.

4. Setu Bandhasana
Also known as bridge bose, this helps to relieve back stress and to stimulate glands in the chest by filling the heart cavity with oxygenated blood thus alleviating any lung, nasal, or sinus ailments t.

5. Forward bend 
Forward fold pose helps to open up the sinuses, promoting natural drainage as you bend forward. Blood vessels shrink and nasal passages open up so more air is able to flow through the lungs. These poses help to free your body in order to make it easier for you to inhale, exhale, and take full energetic breaths. 

6. Salamba Sirasana
This yoga headstand stimulates the lymphatic system, which is essential to the body’s garbage disposal system. It works hard to remove all waste from your system and in turn it helps to remove any bad toxins and germs that may be making you feel sick or congested.

7. Gomukhasana
Cow face pose helps to stretch your chest muscles in order to help with body flexibility via the airway passages. The stretching out of your muscles through the chest and throat help to assist better oxygen flow through your body, thus reducing the size of nasal polyps.

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