Makeup Hacks from Beauty Professionals

Makeup Hacks from Beauty Professionals

Makeup has become a tool to express individuality and creativity. However, many women struggle with the application of makeup. Foundation application sometimes accentuates the look of fine lines and pores. Lipsticks become crunchy and highlight dryness on lips, lashes don’t stay curled, and pencil eyeliners stop working. These issues are prevalent among makeup users.

Thankfully, a plethora of makeup artists and professionals have shared some fantastic tips and tricks that allow us to solve the majority of these issues:

1. Prime the skin

Priming your skin is essential to getting a flawless look. Each person’s skin is unique, and there is no universal formula that can work for all. However, some general guidelines for each skin type can help narrow down the products. Use masks targeting your skin concerns. If you have combination skin, a good idea is to multi-mask. Apply a clay mask to areas that have larger pores and tend to be oily, and apply a hydrating mask to your cheeks or any dry areas. This technique ensures that each part of your skin gets the attention that it deserves.

Once your skin is all plumped, use a moisturizer suiting your skin type and let it sink in. Follow this up with a primer, and this can be a hydrating primer, pore filling, or even mattifying depending on your concerns. This technique creates a smooth canvas that allows for flawless application of your powder or liquid foundation.

2. Curl and lengthen lashes

Many people complain about their lashes not being able to hold a curl even though they use an eyelash curler. A trick for this situation, used by many makeup artists, is to heat the eyelash curler with a blow dryer and then curl the lashes. You can follow this step with a lengthening mascara to lock in the look.

3. Get a flawless matte lip look

Lipstick, when appropriately applied, adds boldness to any makeup look. Similar to skin prep, lips also need to be exfoliated and hydrated to look their best. Using a sugar scrub on your lips exfoliates and helps remove the dead skin on top. Now apply a hydrating lip mask or balm to your lips. Let this sink in as you work on the rest of your face. Apply a matte lipstick as the very last step to your makeup routine, and you will notice a smooth and comfortable application.

4. Eyeliner that glides on smoothly

Many people have an issue with pencil eyeliners drying out quickly. As the eyeliner dries, it reduces their tendency to glide on the skin and results in a weak and unsaturated line. To revive a dried-out eyeliner, heat the tip with a lighter for a few seconds. This trick will warm up the eyeliner and allow it to apply much smoothly.

Following these professional tips and techniques will help you take your makeup look to the next level.

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